Hebridean Spinning Song (SSAA, unaccompanied) (2015)

Hebridean Spinning Song SSAA SAMPLE SCORE

Dedicated to Eva and Tony Lambert. Written for Sheila Furse and the Summer Singers.

Duration c. 2′ 50″.

Programme note: I lived on the spectacular Isle of Skye for nearly ten years and was fortunate to have some amazing neighbours on the Waternish penninsular where I lived in a converted Telford church. Tony and Eva Lambert are such warm and generous friends who, at that time, were crofters, who produced wool which they dyed with natural dyes and then spun the wool to make wonderful knitted garments. It is with fond memories of evenings spent with many glasses of wine in front of the spitting logs on the fire and Eva twisting wool as we conversed, that I dedicate this wee piece to them.

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