Away in a Manger (SATB divisi, unaccompanied) (2014)

[smartslider2 slider=”3″]Composed November 2014.

Dedicated to Lisa Piper. Written for Nigel Edwards and the Parnham Voices.

Duration: c. 3′

Text: Anon., ca. 1883, Philadelphia

Music: melody J. Kirkpatrick, 1838-1921;

arranged by Mark Hewitt 2014

Programme note by the composer:

I have to confess I have taken some liberties with this iconic Christmas melody.

I hope my setting still captures some of the innocence and quietude of the original.

In contrast, the third verse becomes a more elaborate, polyphonic texture.

Score format = A4

File type = pdf file

No. of pages = 8

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Fandango (Soler, arr. Hewitt)

Soler Fandango

picc., ob., cl., bsn., tpt., perc. (1 player), vln I, vln II, vla, vc, db.

To Nigel Evans.

Duration: c.

A re-casting of Antonio Soler’s (1729-1783) ‘Fandango’. Originally written for harpsichord, this arrangement is an effectionate re-casting of the piece which highlights the humour of the piece as well as bringing to the fore its Spanish flavour.

Veni Coronaberis (SATB (no divisions), unaccompanied) (2015)


Hewitt Veni Coronaberis SATB SAMPLE score

 Veni Coronaberis_0002Text: English, late 15th century.

To Victoria Pirie.

Written for Roger Stacey and the South Petherton Combined Arts Choir.

Composed: April 10th 2015.

Duration: c. 2′

Score format = A4

File type = pdf file

No. of pages = 5

Licence to print up to 20 copies £18.00 

Licence to print up to 21 + copies £25.00


Silent Night (SATB divisi, unaccompanied) (2015)

Dedicated to Laura Wright, with affection, on the occasion of her 50th birthday

Composed: August 2015

Duration: c. 6′

Text: Joseph Mohr, 1792-1848; trans. by John F. Young, 1820-1885 (v. 1, 2, 3) and anon. (v. 4)

Programme note:

‘Silent Night’ is an iconic Christmas melody, known to millions as a simple lullaby. However, the imagery of the text has prompted from me a more elaborate musical setting. My response is akin to those Renaissance paintings of the Nativity which do not portray the holy family as poor people in humble surroundings but rather as royal, rich in colour and opulent in manner. I have sought to capture a sense of calm but also of radiance, the music ringing out the joy of Christ’s birth. The original melody by Franz Gruber is not present throughout the piece but is hinted at in verses 1, 2 and then emerges complete in the third and fourth verses.

Mark Hewitt

Crewkerne, Somerset, August 2015

Sheet music available here:

Silent Night

Recorded on the Prima Facie label on the album ‘The Silver Stars At Play’, Kantos conducted by Elspeth Slorach

Silver Stars